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Our Kitchens

We are a food business and true to our ethos, chefs make this food. Our Kitchens are just that, kitchens not factories. Across our business we have a number of state of the art kitchens.


Food Made By Chefs

We have three kitchens in Bicester offering a combination of high volume capability production and Chef led/ artisan kitchen produced food. These kitchens provide bespoke food for restaurants, pubs and hotels, as well as our own business. Here our chefs work with your teams to develop high quality dishes, to your exact specification. Our “fully cooked” kitchen space allows us to create products which are ready to eat, or ready to heat. 

We also have a large prep kitchen facility in London where core line produce is prepared to your specification. Our ‘Prep List’ kitchen prepares food in the equivalent way to how you would undertake the mise en place in your own kitchen, from sliced courgettes to a marinade added to a lamb chop.

New Infrastructure

We have also recently added to our kitchen portfolio in the form of a new 27,000 sqft facility near Heathrow airport. Not only is this space the most advanced kitchen space in the UK, complete with the best technologically advanced equipment, it, most importantly, provides us with a contingency facility.


Food Made Simple

Our production kitchens and processes within them also ensures your food is consistent at all times and to your specification. Once produced in our kitchens this food then joins the fresh produce, dairy, meat and fish from our adjoining storage facilities and is consolidated on our multi temperature vehicles. All arriving with you on one vehicle. Efficient, and environmentally friendly.


Food Made Safe

Our kitchens offer all the ‘support functions’ through the development , technical and production phases allowing you complete comfort that as well as helping with the creative side of development we do so in a safe, secure and process driven way.


Food Made for You

Taking our expertise of working with many brands and celebrity chefs in our hospitality business over the years to create amazing food, it feels natural for us to work in this way.

It is key that all of our clients feel their food, remains their property. We use our skill and experience to ensure it is made how you want it, by chefs who speak the same language and are used to working with brands to produce their food. We encourage your teams to work side by side with ours throughout the development process. Your food then remains in your control at all times.



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