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Our Home, The Shed 

85,000 sq ft of world-class kitchens, development kitchens, tasting rooms, dry and cold storage & office space. Home to our chefs, logistics, procurement and technical teams There’s nothing else like it in the uk.

Our logistical facilities are BRC certified, to a AA standard!
Our 2 Chef led kitchens are SALSA accredited whilst in our large-scale food production kitchen we are currently working to BRC guidelines whilst we await our accreditation.

Designed by chefs for chefs. Come and see us when you can.


Our Home, The Shed

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Logistics, Logistics, Logistics

We have invested heavily in our fleet too with a number of multi-temp vehicles. So, what does this mean for you? Well, this is what we are all about, delivering all the ingredients need to deliver your menu, all on one truck – fresh, frozen and ambient. Gone are the days of managing multiple deliveries, all turning up at different times.

To support this, we have worked to create state-of-the-art proprietary IT systems to effectively manage every aspect of the logistic operation in the most efficient manner.


Teams Dedicated to your Menu 

Led by foodies, who from leaving school have wanted to nothing but work with food, and food developers with the same passion, Menu works with specialists in every food department.

We have teams of experts from logistics and forecasting to procurement and account handlers, development and chefs. All here to ensure we deliver the ingredients you need for your menus, wherever you are in the country.

For the love of food.


The ingredients right for you

Within our business sits leading event catering company, Absolute Taste, who work at some of the world’s most renowned events including The Open Championship, The Fever Tree Championship at Queens, Garsington Opera, All Grand Prix circuits around the world and the Saudi Cup in Riyadh. So, we know what it’s like…we’ve been the customer.

This gives us a great insight to understand our clients as through our hospitality business we also do what you do, something not many other companies can do. Coupled with this, we also only seek to work with a select group of clients, where we know we can add value through quality, service and development. Customers who share our values, vision and approach.


An experienced delivery team


We have a long history of working with food and working in the hospitality industry.

H & H Fruitiers was a traditional greengrocer founded in 1966 by John Harris and Bill Hawkins. It was the start of our journey in food. 

The business thrived and as Fresh Direct under Nigel Harris, David Burns and their team of experts became the leading supplier of fresh food to the UK food service market.



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